University of Durham Research Hub

I am excited to say that I have been accepted as part of the Sex Work Research Hub based at Durham university. This network is dedicated the promotion of ethical sex work research.  The aims of the Hub are as follows:

  • To provide a hub for sharing research and scholarship on sex work, social justice and sexual exploitation between academics, practitioners, policy makers, advocates and the general public
  • To promote ethical and robust research on sex work
  • To identify opportunities for collaborative research across partner institutions and partner agencies
  • To provide a centre for expertise on sex work research and evaluation
  • To enable cross university networking amongst postgraduate and academic researchers
  • To impact on policy and practice.

As a member, I am:

  • Commitmented to ethical research and recognition that the experiences of all sex workers are diverse in terms of gender and sexualities, reasons for working, working conditions ,agency and control.
  • Commitmented to respectful discussion and debate.
  • I acknowledge the human rights of sex workers including the right to work safely, without discrimination, violence, coercion, intimidation or exploitation. The hub recognises the rights of sex workers to self determination, this includes the right to remain in, or to leave sex work.

For more information: