The secret lives of husbands ...

This post is an attempt to define my subjects. It was a suggested area for improvement following my last presentation, that I needed to define client. This post is dedicated to the men I want to photograph for Whoretography. It may ramble somewhat but this website is my Masters notebook as such.  A very public notebook.

Before I go on, I suggest reading the book Paying for Pleasure. In my humble opinion its a very good read. An accurate representation of men who pay for sex including their reasons and motivations. 

I adore married men. I really do. I find their hidden worlds fascinating and an absolute challenge to document.  Middle class men may occupy a position of privilege but they are bound by society obligations that dictate they must be good husband, good sons, good brothers, good fathers, good earners and good providers.  Engaging in extra marital commercial sex is considered far from being good but the experience is reflective of everyday male heterosexual romantic sexual scripts.

I am interested in the public face of their marriages. 

The way photographs are used as an agent in the collective fantasy of this public marital cohesion.  I view sex worker/client images as the proof absolute of the death of the marital facade.  I am not suggesting the death of marriage though.  I will attempt to explain this in terms of Barthes time defeated with the camera as an agency of death and anterior futures.

I want to photograph middle class men in their 30s/40 who have been married for less than 5 years who use the services of the same sex worker over at least a 12 month period.  The duration of marriage is important to me as relates to the flow from the mans wedding album. I will explain further when the book is produced.  The duration of the client/sex worker relationship is import as it speaks to genuine mutuality.

I am interested in that rapport and alchemy. I am fascinated with documenting kissing as that is the emotional and bodily connection in paid for sex. The courtship rituals within the confines of payment.  Behaviours associated with intimacy, love and romance. Actions people typically find within a a relationship. When the commercial interaction is more like lovers and friends.

The genuine mutuality.  Where mutual pleasure is experienced by both parties at times, beyond the professional lines of commercial sex.  Whoretography will not examine authentic and authentic-fake delusions of mutuality.  I want to photograph only the genuine intimacy.

Will come back to this when I clear my head.