Going ons ...

Just to give you all an update on where I am with the project and Masters. 

I have moved through the project proposal development phase and I am well and truly embedded in the project research phase.  This is all about cyber anthropology and academic research.  This may be a photography Masters Degree but its well and truly situated within gender studies and cultural studies.

I have course work, the dissertation and a project to produce (website, books, exhibition). At the moment, I am working on the first 5 dummy books.

In December I will start project production (shooting and finalising the books ) and come May will start the dissertation and project evaluation.  I want for Whoretography to have a life beyond the MA. I am hoping to do further studies in this, and if not I will be taking up a more active roll in sex work activism.

I am doing the MA over two years because I also work full time and actually doing it part time allows me greater opportunity to develop Whoretography beyond a photographic and academic experience.

I am interested in adding a Pro Voice element to Whoreography and will be asking for help this week from sex workers and clients alike.  There is a wonderful talk on Teds Talk about what Pro Voice is. I should add a trigger warning to this as it discusses abortion but its what i want to do with Whoretography by adding a textual element to the project.  The Talk is by Aspen Baker.