Pro Voice - The Voices of Sex Workers & Clients

Whoretography is about the power of the sex worker image.  It will consider use of the image in the war unfairly raged against sex workers and the visual element in the online transaction of commercial sex. 

Its not just about photography though.

I would like to add an extra textual sensation to the images. To allow for a more fluid movement than just simple book design layouts. Often conversations about sex work photography center on the discussion of singular images,  very little thought is given to what happens between the images. I don't want this to be the case for Whoretography. 

Whoretography is more than a single image or a series of linear images.  It is a complete body of work that encompasses photographs and texts.   It will allow me to construct a narrative through selection and sequencing of images that challenges the prevailing ideology of the victim-hood of sex work.   This will give the online images a pre industrial physical structure and Whoretography a voice.

Today I need the voices of of sex workers and clients.  You can remain anonymous, you can answer as many (or as few) questions as you wish. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DISCLOSE PERSONAL INFORMATION. You can just tell me your random thoughts.  I am just trying to get an understanding of the role of photography in sex work. There are no right or wrong answers.

For Sex Workers - I am interested on knowing what role photography plays in your sex work business. You can answer the questions below or just send me you thoughts on how you use photography.

  1. Tell me about yourself?  Age, country, city, marital status, other lines of work, anything else that you want to share.
  2. Tell me about your sex work experience, how long have you been a sex worker, how do you work, where do you work (ie home, hotel, no need for specifics)
  3. What type of photography do you use for your sex work business and why? Selfies (what type of selfies)  professional boudoir shoots, nudity, no nudity. All sex workers are different, I want to understand how sex workers use images.
  4. How much time do you devote to photography? Its it a routine part of your business or just an occasional action. Its there strategy behind the images you produce and when you publish.
  5. What does the photography mean for you as a sex worker? Is it a business tool, a way to express individuality. Any thoughts are welcomed.

Any other comments:

For Clients of Sex Workers - I am interested in the voices of clients.  I want to know how much photography influences your choice of service provider and in what ways.

  1. Tell me about yourself?  Age, country, city, occupation, marital status,  anything else you want to share?
  2. How long have you been using the services of sex workers?
  3. What type of client are you? Do you sporadically use the services of sex workers, do you prefer to see a different provider each time?  Do you see the same provider/s on a regular basis.
  4. What is it about the photographs of the service provider you visit that attracts you?
  5. How important is the imagery to your choice of service provider and why?
  6. What do you look for or avoid?  What type of images attract your attention?

Any other comments:

You can email the answers to me via or DM via Twitter @Whoretographer.  You can post them to the comments section on the blog post but I will not publish it on the site.