The initial project brief and thesis out line

It has been amended since this was originally put together.

Through the Masters program I would like to explore the role of gender representation of women though the photographic image with an emphasis on  female sex worker community of central London.

The Web has brought massive change to the sex industry. As with many other industries the technology-led disruption has changed its fundamental economics. The easy availability of information on the internet has revolutionised the industry’s marketing techniques and its verbal and visual vocabulary. Words can still matter and have their own allure but photographic images are now fundamental to the transaction. Clients clearly make choices informed by them and sex workers spend time and effort arranging photographs and attaching complementary  text to those photographs.

I would like to examine how photography objectifies sex workers but also how the men who pay for sex and the wider community perceives them.

I want to explore the extent to which many current images of sex workers reduce them to providers of the mechanics of sex , often at the price of reducing not only their humanity but also their sensuality, thus contributing to the stigma of sex work.  

I see this is an extension of my role as a wedding photographer where I am challenged on a daily basis to work in a way that enables me to stand apart from a sea of visual female cliches of gender roles within marriage

I want to humanise sex workers and the men who pay for sex. 

The project would be a serious of portraits of sex workers, those in sex worker support roles and the men who use the services of sex workers.   I envision an   exhibition with an accompany website and, at my most ebullient, a fine art coffee table book.