Cyber Anthropology and Selling Intimacy

Cyber Anthropology/Digital anthropology is the study of the relationship between humans and the digital-era technology, and extends to where online culture (and culture online) intersects with offline reality. Whoretography is interested at the point at which photography and the the online transaction of sex merges into a physical meeting between client and sex worker.

Results of Cyber Anthropology will be published in 4 books  demonstrating, displaying and understanding the research and reference material.  A visual representation of the curating of Whoretography. The research is not to be hidden and will show the work in progress. This material is usable and its an essential part of the final body of work.

Book 1 – Historic images of sex workers from the early 1900s to the  1980s


Book 2 – Absence of Face and Photoshop.  The visual impact of sex worker self-censoring.


Book 3 – Sex Workers use of social media and website in online marketing and creating a visual vocabulary.


Book 4  - The sex worker selfie. Neither erotic nor pornographic.  The representation of a distorted self.