Thank you!

I really need to thank the people who have been donating to Whoretography  Amazed and incredibly humbled at the same time.  Its some kind of wonderful to get the support of strangers from across the globe. It really is. I breath photography.  Its all I think about. I know I am an in an incredible position of privilege as a  photographer to be able to document the reality of sex work and to challenge the conventional thought and discourse of deviancy as a seller or buyer of intimacy. 

There is a whole secret world of married men that deserves to be photographed and understood. 

Its far from cheap undertaking a photography Masters, to exhibit at one of the leading galleries in London and to publish books and I don't think for one minute that I cannot pull off a remarkable set of images that will strip sex work of deviancy and push it into the realms of normality where it should be.

Massive thanks to the people who have donated, the sex workers wanting to participate and the men who are willing to be photographed in such an intimate setting.

Thanks for the support.