Field work + photography

The number of books to be published from field work and the photographing of subjects has yet to be determined however they will draw upon the experience and daily lives of  a number of independent sex workers based in central London, Australia, the USA & Spain

The photobooks will be of real life examples of intimacy between clients and sex workers,  Life stories of the sex workers and clients interwoven between the images.  Images will not be stage managed. 

This is photo-work.

Conversations about sex work photography centre on the discussion of singular images or a complete body of work.  Very little thought is given to what happens between the images and the entirety work.  Photo-work is more than a single image or a series of linear images.  It is a complete body of work that encompasses photographs and texts and conveys a deeper understanding of the subject matter being presented to the viewer.

Photo-work will ensure Whoretography will not be simply about design but looks at the hidden narrative in the arrangement of pictures.

The number of photobooks to be produced has yet to be determined but regardless of the number the book/s will cover the following: 

1.     Gender stereotype of women being historically symbolised as virgins or sinners in western culture.

2.     Photograph the symbols of masculinity and male middle class norms of clients.

3.     Working space. Have sex workers photograph their own working spaces bringing the private into the public world, their owns spaces, shared experiences and self representation

4.     The way in which sex workers use humour to manage stigma and work place stressors.

5.     Photograph a client/sex worker booking. This is about photographing intimacy and the sexual scripts played out by the client and the sex worker