Just an update ...

This post is more about the ramblings and thoughts coming from a few days spent at University explaining and at times defending the thoughts, my thoughts behind this MA. 

*Whoretography is also about Ethnography, even more so as I move from the proposal phase to the research phase.  Its about making a private world a part of the public sphere minus the narratives bantered around to further political or religious agenda that seeks to control women's bodies.

*I need to explain in more detail the types of images I will be looking at and creating.  Mainly the images sex workers create to sell services, how other photographers depict sex workers and how society depicts them.  Needs further explanation.

*I need also to explain why I a focusing exclusively on female sex workers and not the photographic voices of male sex workers. Its not about reinforcing the gender perception of sex work

*I will not enter into a debate about sex work.  Sex Work is work, end of conversation.  This is about photography but I will had a statistics page to the website.  There is more than one narrative of the sex worker that is pushed by the anti sex work brigade and those seeking a cause to feel better about themselves. If you question where I get my statistics from, the answer most likely will be from sex workers themselves  not from a religious backed group who are threatened by the notion of women's sexuality.

*Sex work is an emotive topic. I don't expect people to understand the relationship I see between wives and whores. A woman, each carrying out a gender stereotype in a culture that places sex workers at the bottom of a sex hierarchy reflecting their lack of status whilst brides are praised and admired for the virtuous incarnation of the virgin.  A bride on her wedding day is carrying out the same act of getting ready as a sex worker, a performance of morphing into a gender role for the wedding which is an act of  theatre in which she performs to the cultural masses. A sex worker just plays to an audience of one.  Same woman. One more socially palatable.

*I will explain what I mean by sex workers are otherwise hidden by feminism, anti sex work rhetoric and modern western cultural attitudes towards women's bodies and sex.  Sex works often defy the narrative of victim or deviant but this is not reflected in the current approach to sex worker representation in digital images.  Current digital imagery used to sell commercial sex online reinforces whore-phobic attitudes and allows the stigma surrounding sex work to be reinforced.

*I need to take into consideration a few issues that might be raised by the ethics department.

*Also, need to consider and source legitimate funding avenues.