Thought I'd share with the Whoretography (small but growing) readership what everyone's very generous support is going towards.  I envision the most of the body of work behind Whoretography will be shot in film. For a multitude of reasons.  Mainly because the authenticity of film compliments the authenticity of the intimacy I am trying to document. No second chances.  No image manipulation. No faked orgasms. The reality of an authentically real fantasy experience. To capture the rawness of sex and commerce. Digital may taint that and I want to remove the possibility of a re edit.  Mainly because I like a photographic challenge. Mainly because I want to make a statement about online photographs and the fragility of the image.

Your donations are contributing to the following:

I estimate I will be using between 50 - 75 packs of Polaroid film. One pack of authentic and original Polaroid film (8 shots) - £17 per packet

I estimate that I will be using 100 x 36 exposure of 35 mm film. One pack of five Kodak Portra Film 35mm 400 - £35

Medium format film - still trying to get an estimate together.

Royal College of the Arts exhibition curating course - £200

Royal College of the Arts medium format black and white printing course - £450

Costs to exhibit at a central London Gallery - £3000 (I know, right? What am I thinking?)

I did not list the mundane costs associated with travel and organising sex worker and client shoots, but you get the idea.   I am still yet to cost the printing and publishing of Whoretography.

My budget is very much a work in progress. Thanks for helping out.   I start shooting in June.