Random Masters thoughts

Why am I not photographing male middle class sex workers? and then the Why middle class sex workers?  is an entirely different question. The answer wrapped up in people have difficulty explaining women who choose to engage in sex work. Women can't be the victim poster child for political control of women's bodies if they have free agency but that's another post (rant) altogether.  How do you explain educated sex workers?

Whoretography is informed by feminist theories and the visual representation of women.

I think the answer to this maybe more complicated than what I originally thought. Initially I addressed this question by saying its just time constraints really but that's a lazy answer to a complicated question.

I am well aware that by choosing not to photograph male sex workers I am reinforcing the gender stereotype of sex work as the domain of women where men apparently fill the role of pimp. However that's a simplistic approach to Whoretography. 

Whoretography is more than just photographing the bodies of sex workers. Its (well, I envision it will be) just as much about documenting and bringing into the public sphere the private worlds of the sexual scripts and intimacy played out between heterosexual married men and the sex workers they frequent.  There is something inherently beautiful, longing and tragic about the intimacy that exists between male client and female sex worker. Whilst it real, genuine and passionate. it does not exist outside the confines of the bedroom door. I am not interested in photographing the 20 minutes of sex. I am interested in making public the 40 minutes of conversation and laying naked together.   I imagine for those who do not loiter about in this grey area of human connection that its difficult for them to see this or cannot fathom.  Sex workers are just for sex right? Its just about fucking.

Whoretography is about the objectification of women in photography. If female sex workers have historically represented sin in religious traditions and modern western culture then brides epitomise the virgin. The ideal women.  The saint. Nothing reinforces this more than wedding photography.  I see a very strong connection between the role of bride and sex worker, the connection between marriage and sex work. I am very much interested in stripping brides and sex workers bare to reveal a performance, a ritual played out where women play out the extremes of a stereotype for men. A bride getting ready for her husband who is waiting at the end of the aisle is no different than the sex worker getting ready for someone's husband waiting at the end of her bed. Its about morphing into an ideal for a man. One more socially acceptable than the other.

Random thoughts over. Let me know if they make sense.