The name

The name Whoretography is complex.  I should explains it origins and how in relates to the aims and objections of this photographic journey.  I am sure it seems counter intuitive to use the word Whore in light of my expectations about use of appropriate language on this site.  I am mindful of it being dismissed as a clever play on words.  An advertising slogan for commercial purposes.  Its so much more than photography + sex work. Although I did think about Whoretography as a photography project before I decided to pursue it academically so I have had to give it some thought about what it actually means as it was originally just a photo-book title. Okay, more of a slogan. I may have underestimated the importance  and meaning behind the name.

Its really in recognition of sex workers activism on social medial and reclaiming a word and disarming its power. Think Whorephobia, Whorearchy, Whorhetoric  Whorecast, Whorestorian.

A public declaration of sorts against the linguistically disproportionate language used to label women who choose to engage in sex work compared to that of the men who pay for their sexual services.