Types of images ...

Absence of face - I am fascinated with the photographs of sex workers whose images have been blatantly airbrushed and have their facial features removed by photo-shop techniques to varying degrees of success and quality. Morphing women into dolls and life sized sex toys.

Absence of head - There is a trend in wedding and erotic photography to remove the heads of women in shots. Possibly a way to invest nudes and wedding photography with artistic integrity however in doing so they turn women into headless objects.

Cultural Visual Reference Images - Roland Barthes in Camera Lucida talks about all images having a cultural reference point that when reading an images send a cultural message that tells the reader what they already know. Current visual reference points for sex workers reinforce the victim discourse.

The Sex Worker Selfie - The Mirror Selfie -  Photographers have long been preoccupied with the subject of mirrors. The reflective image is only ever transient in nature however the photograph fixes the transient in time.  I am interested in mirrors and sex workers sense of self and public image. What the reflection really shows.

The Sex Worker Selfie -  The Sex Worker Selfie has become the most important representation of Sex Worker online identity. The opinion of others  has been a part of identity development for more than a century. The "looking-glass self" is a psychological concept that suggests we develop our sense of self based on the perceptions of those we interact with.

Professional Escort Photographers - Bodies distorted into unattainable positions and come hither looks. The camera work is often uninspired and mass produced.  Lacking emotion and the pleasure of of sharing herself with the viewer.  The photographer genuinely lacks an intimate connection with the subject. 

Sex Worker Narrative Commissions -  Photographer  obsession with photographing sex workers in brothels.

Vintage Images - Sex Worker images from the 1900s to the 1980s