Help with PhD research ...

I am re blogging this.  If you are a sex worker, please reach out to Eva to be a part of her research and have your voice heard.


Last October Iwas invited to speak to an audience at the sex work and intimacy event held at Kings College, Cambridge. It was a honour and a privilege to be asked. I sometimes have a lot to say and its nice to know people want to listen.  One of those kind people who listened to me go on about photography and sex work was Eva Klambauer. Eva is a PhD student conducting research about sex worker activism. 

I know sex workers get bombarded with requests from students, academics, wannabee photographers and the occasional odd ball and these requests are not always done in the politest of fashions but I need your help in helping Eva to connect with sex workers in the UK and Australia ... 

I am a PhD student at King’s College London conducting research on the relationship between the regulation of sex work and sex worker’s rights activism. I am looking for interested active sex workers as well as people with previous experience in the sex industry in the UK and New South Wales in Australia. I would like to conduct interviews in person, skype or by phone to ask about your opinions of the current laws that regulate the sex industry and what kind of changes, if any, you would like to see. If you have taken part in any protest events or any form of political activism (this is not a requirement to participate), I will invite you to tell me more about the experiences you made.

Please have a look at this blog as it will give you more information about the project and get in touch if you are interested. Thank you!

Thanking you in advance!