Call out for Sex Work Selfies ...

I need your help! 

Social media is now (perhaps unintentionally) the red light district of the internet.  I have a particular interest in making sense of the sex worker online visual vocabulary in terms of feminist theory, the role of social media in the merging of work and authentic self, the history of photography and creating a detailed image set of sex worker self portraiture. The way sex workers see themselves and the image they want to present to the world via the mirror prism of selfies.

Types of selfies?

Well, that's up to you. You do not have to submit images of your face if you are uncomfortable doing so. The photographs just have to represent some aspect of yourself from your sex work life or your daily non work life.

How to Submit? 

Protecting your privacy is the up most concern to me, I have no interest in creating angst for people who have kindly helped me out by participating as part of Whoretography. You can submit your images or a link to your images (anonymously if you wish) via:

  • Email:
  • DM or direct tweet:

When can images be submitted?

Between July 6th 2015 until August 6th 2015.

What will the images be used for?

The images will form the basis of my Masters Degree (see here for more info) and will be published as part of a series of books (not for commercial release, see here) and may form part of a public exhibition at a prestigious gallery in central London.  If you do not wish for your images to be used in either the book or exhibition but still would like to submit images, that's okay too just let me know when you are submitting them. 

Questions or Concerns?

Please ask me any questions or let me know of any concerns or ideas that you may have. I am here to help.

Privacy and paperwork?

I 100% respect your privacy and will never (ever!) share your personal details or images with third parties. You under no circumstance have to provide me with you real name or even your work name if you choose not to do so.  Images will be stored securely offline (non of this cloud silliness)  and will not be published online, in the books or form part of the exhibition without your expressed written consent.