Client Intimacy ...

Through the Masters I would like to stop over-simplification of the lives of indoor sex workers, to attack sex worker clichés about motive and to see how presentation in photography and its accompanying texts can obscure rather than reveal.

To do this, I need your help (again) and this may be somewhat controversial.  I would like to collect examples of real life intimacy between sex workers and clients to help dispel the hyper-sexualised myth of sex workers and to demonstrate the presence of intimacy in commercial heterosexual scripts between  clients and sex workers.   

Conversations about sex work photography center on the discussion of singular images or a complete body of work.  Very little thought is given to what happens between the images and the entirety work.  Photo-work is more than a single image or a series of linear images.  It is a complete body of work that encompasses photographs and texts and conveys a deeper understanding of the subject matter being presented to the viewer. The evidence of intimacy collected from sex workers will be used in the a book along side a documented client/sex worker booking.

I want there to be a hidden narrative in the arrangement of pictures. I am now collecting e-mails, letters, texts ect from sex workers.  Its best practice to send these to me without the personal information of your clients included.  They will not be published online. 

Any questions please email me at or DM me at @Whoretographer