The mocking of High Fashion Heroin Chic with Sex Workers ...

Hardly an original photographic concept. Hardly an ethical approach to documenting sex workers. 

A Russian Photographer in the past, whose name has totally escaped me plucked the homeless and dropped them in lavish decadent surrounds and photographed them. So there is nothing ground breaking in the work of Loral Amir and Gigi Ben Artzi using (abusing perhaps) heroin addicted sex workers in obvious distress to mock the the grungy androgyny of the heroin chic set of the 1990s. 

How informed consent was obtained is beyond my comprehension. 

Using those who apparently dwell at the bottom of the social hierarchy to make a statement about the fortunate few at the top does not make for comfortable photographs.

I don't view this work as a ground breaking look at drug culture and sex work but rather a glaring example of the political identity of sex workers in the digital age.

Eventually we managed to get one girl to come with us to the studio and she helped us to find the rest of the women. It was not easy as they are all high on heroin and totally unstable because of their dependency on the drug.

They seem “okay” for a moment but when the withdrawal kicks in they get dope sick and “flip.” It’s like a time-bomb. There were some girls that we brought to the studio but could not photograph because by the time we arrived they were already so dope sick that it was just impossible to film them. They were like zombies.
What was I saying about the ability to consent? 
Sounds more like a choice-less choice.  They were not like zombies, they were like human beings, like women in need of help and compassion not to be a part of a fashion statement.
And what of these women at the end of the shoot?  Discarded back on the street like a bag of once loved clothes no longer wanted in the name of fashion.