University Notes to progress MA

  1. Katrina Sluis.  Understand the networked imaged and read a life more photographic.
  2. Brain storm Thesis ideas
  3. Discuss why the physical books - privacy and the relationship to weddings/marriage
  4. Define the prevailing ideology (define). Current photography is an expression of the prevailing ideology, Whoretography will be a counter ideology. 
  5. Re read creative media text
  6. Understand the dimensions of study.
  7. Photographing a sex worker with a married client photo is about intimacy, time defeated and the death of the marriage. The destruction of marriage.
  8. Implement a Gantt chart.
  9. Re do Ethics considerations and re submit
  10. Add ethics considerations to the website
  11. Add a conceptual statement
  12. Research document
    1. Submit website as documenting MA
    2. Submit the dummy books or online Indesign layouts
    3. Changes to the proposal
    4. Challenges and new considerations
    5. Ethics
    6. Changes toaims and theory
    7. Relevent theory
    8. Refer to the dimensions of study.
  13. Speak with supervisor re research prototypes and research paper
  14. Define the connection to wedding photography and false truth.
  15. Read up on Anterior Futures.
  16. Need to define what I mean by sex worker and client.
  17. Think of curator as author at the cross roads of ideas. A network of ideas.  A unique discursive crossroad of influences and ideas.
  18. Read more on Barthes and Myth
  19. Re read decode and encoding paper
  20. Images and Text connotations
  21. Need to look at equivalent enthropology research methods in social science.
  22. Define who the audience is.
  23. Examine the way photography implies deviancy in sex work.