Call out for images ...

One of the aims of Whoretography is to demonstrate the presence of intimacy in commercial sex transactions.    To often, commercial sex is dismissed as one sided under the false belief that sex workers sell consent.  I want to show that paid for sex is just as intimate (or more so) than unpaid sexual encounters between lovers, husbands and wives. 

I want to be able to demonstrate the familiarity, understanding, the empathy, affection and friendship. The confidence, rapport affection and warmth in commercial sex.

I will be doing this two ways - By photographing client and sex worker bookings (or aspects of bookings) and by asking sex workers to send me images taken during the course of a booking.

Type of images

The images need to be shot during the course of a booking, at what time and when is entirely up to you. They do no need to show nudity, explicitness or faces. The do not need to show sex. They just need to demonstrate intimacy. The little intimate nuances in a booking that outsiders do not see. This is what I am trying to bring from the private world into the public sphere.

I can pay for these images and this can be discussed in private.

What am I doing with the images?

The images will be first collated into an image map. From that I will categorise the image and publish a number in a book that will be submitted as part of the field work for the MA. You can see more info here.   This book will not be made available for commercial purposes at this time (but I may do commercial books after the completion of the MA). Some of the images will then be featured on this website. There will be a Whoretography Exhibition that will include submitted images at a central London gallery. 

If, at any time you do not want the images used then that's okay. You just have to let me know. 

If I do use the images you have sent me, then I will always double check with you to make sure its still okay for me to use the images and of course there is paperwork to sign.

The paperwork?

I have no interest in taking the copyright of the images away from you so by submitting images you are granting me a royalty free license to use the images for the purposes of Whoretography.   Happy to discuss this.  Happy to send model releases.  Happy to send you the paperwork.

How to submit images?

Images can be sent directly to me at You do not need to disclose your identity (authentic or work)

If you have any questions.

if you have any questions and/or concerns you can reach out to me confidentially at or DM me at @Whoretographer