Random MA thoughts whilst eating left over birthday cake

Notes from academic readings. Thoughts and considerations which will form part of the context document submitted with prototypes and book dummies. The theory influencing the photography.

  1. The social meaning of representing the female body in photography. Body serves as a battle ground for cultural, social and political struggle. Social hierarchy.
  2. How when the body is politicised? How can I represent the identity of sex workers via photographing their bodies? My subjects are considered exploited but they are not. Socially marginalised.  Dehumanised and turned into sexual objects by others looking at them not by the work they perform.
  3. Need to consider further the virtual space for sex work on the internet in consideration of sex workers work spaces. The internet is not a hidden corner of space like strip clubs and brothels. Public space anyone can have access to it. Look at their images, objectify and fantasise about.  Cannot remove these images from the public space and make them private again. Need to look at exploring the private spaces of the work place.
  4. Is sex work hidden given the presence on the public sphere of the internet. Not hidden like strip clubs and brothels?
  5. Am I too close to sex workers?  Should there be distance between myself and my subjects or does friendship allow to access that blurred line between authentic and work self.
  6. Photograph female bodies naked or clothed? Objectification of body/loss of identity. Female bodies. sex. produced. packaged, bought. sold.  Is a cosmetically enhanced sex worker body an example of commodification and objectification, should I include them.
  7. What does the creation of a work self identity have on the political photographic image?
  8. Will I be objectifying their private space?
  9. Sex Workers can't disappear from cyberspace, the post industrial objects whilst not tangible remain in the virtual world forever with no physical state.
  10. Between the subjective object and the object objectively perceived ~ Winnicott
  11. Need to explore sex worker identity in relation to work and how others view them. Are sex workers perceived as sex toys by clients and thus as sex toys by non sex workers looking in on sex work. 
  12. Is sex worker identity lost in sex because bodies have been objectified in photography.  Is the photography objectifying or is it the gaze, the looking at that objectifies.  Does objectification of sex workers make them loose identity in images.
  13. Difference and Sameness - Mapping Feminism and Cultural Geographies of Encounters (finish reading article)
Identity is constructed relationally through difference from the other, identification with a group based on gender, race, or sexuality, for example, depends mostly on binary system of us versus them,where difference from the other defines the group to which one belongs. Identity also suggests sameness, as in the word identical; an identity affirms some form of commonality, some shared ground.The key in this definition is the difference of an individual from the others and the sameness with the group to which the individual belongs.