Going ons ...

At last my blogging silence is over.

Its nice to be back to Whoretogaphy,  I needed a break from the MA. I am still very much passionate about the subject.  I submitted a few assignments and the draft dummy books on 7th of December and whilst I enjoyed watching back to back series on Netflix and turning my apartment into a gallery of sorts, it is good to get back to Whoretography just as my new academic year commences next week.

If you are new to this website and my twitter feed, Whoretography is all about the complexities of sex worker representation in digital images and commercial photographic narratives. In the age of the networked image and photographs as post industrial objects, the methods and the means of distribution of sex worker imagery is just as important as the content of the image itself.

In brief, I am interested in

  • The visual politics of pity embedded in sex worker imagery. 
  • The appropriation of the sex worker image by the media and the fashion industries.
  • The camera as an agent of violence against sex workers
  • The photo as visual violence and as an agent of Whorephobia
  • Media, visual falsehoods and the myth of the prostituted woman
  • The way anti sex work exclusionary feminists employ the same visual propaganda strategies of dictatorship to create the socially acceptable violence of the sex worker image. 
  • The mapping of current sex worker based photographed projects
  • Representation of self by sex workers
  • How the photographic image is now integral to the purchase of sex online and the complexities of these images, and the resulting impact on the sex worker client experience brought about by photography.

To date, I have collected over 7000 images as part of cyber anthropology and research for the MA.  I continue to work on the course work and I will commence the dissertation shortly.  I am currently writing articles for a number of publications and have gained employment as a research assistant within a university sex work project and in terms of the books, I have completed the second drafts with an expected final completion date of May.

Its not as simple as finding photos that you like.  Its a little more complex to weave a narrative through unrelated images and then pack a visual political punch.  I am hoping I will achieve this.

Once again, I cannot express my gratitude enough to the sex workers who have instilled their trust in me and my vision by submitting images. I promise to do something noteworthy and industry changing with them.