Talking Sex Work and Photography at King's College London.

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to be a part of a discussion panel at King's College London. l will  speaking about my experiences within the current legislative frame work and Whoretography at the ‘Regulatory approaches to sex work and consequences for sex workers well-being‘ symposium to be held on June 16th 11am to 6.30pm at River Room, Stand Campus. King's College London.

You can register here via Eventbrite  and note that this is a free event.

Really looking forward to this, I have been fortunate to speak at Cambridge University in 2014 and appreciate the platform and audience.

In the sprit of calling out photographic stock agencies for their appalling representation of sex workers, The victim narrative of this stark and  grim black and white whorephobia is brought to you by Getty. 

Their continued publication of images and digital story telling that encourages the victimisation of sex workers bodies though the violence of the lens continues to inspire Whoretography and frustrates me to no end.