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The beauty of using social media platforms for the basis of your cyber anthropology research is that sometimes you stumble across a discussion that fits perfectly well with your Masters topic.   A few days back, I posted the voice of a sex worker talking about men who pay for sex no longer cherishing sex workers bodies.

We are no longer cherished for sharing our bodies with them instead clients have an expectation of having full access to body, mind and spirit in any way they see fit. Sex workers have a much harder time keeping a client in check because of their sense of entitlement. Social media has become a place where people lose their sense of reality.
They forget that they are dealing with real living breathing human beings behind the handles (even when they come face to face with that personality). There is not only abuse from potential clients who "need it now" online but also those who are against sex work and lobby for its dissolution, people who hate the fact that we exist.

If by a wonderful act of serendipitous kismet, a gentlemen posted what I believe to be the personification of what the above mentioned sex worker was lamenting about.  

We are no longer cherished for sharing our bodies with them & they forget that they are dealing with real living breathing human beings

Before I go on.  I should quality what I mean by social media platforms, its just not the Twitter. Its inclusive of all user based generated content, including forums. 

The client is a late 40 something Frenchman born and raised in Paris, now living in London. He is not the quintessential archetype we have come to expect from the French lover.  He finds himself having to pay for intimacy.

He calls himself Captain Flame on review boards.  A personal touch to an impersonal post. I can't help to think his selection of his handle name was inspired by  "I am Pierre the fighter pilot! If I go down, I go down in flames!" bad joke at the expense of the French.

Here is his review of his paid sexual encounter. The spelling mistakes are included in the original posting.

First review ever here and I appreciate it might looks lame to do as a comment rather than a full post... it did not deserver it.

I do have an urge on a regular basis to go out and enjoy. So far I had managed to mix travel and travel companiions/local representatives/friends with benefits to deal with such urges but travels had gone dire since Mid December. so I thought let's get local.
Met Claire as recently as this week.

Good. First contacted by email then text adn finally phone. All swift.
Look:  As no pictures arepublicly availableit is a bit of a gamble but I was not lookig for face pics anyway.Mid 30 is accurate although not a fitness first one she does have the right shapes in the right place. Averge mid 30s with the wear and tear of her body shape.
Got an email tohe day earlier with clear directions. No issues here. Location is largely residential and with some many flats around anyone can walk in quiely and securely. Quick call 5 minutes priorthe bookig directed me to the right door where Claire met me in person. Moved in her appartment and the full on DFK.  A real one (give me some posts here and one can discuss about DFK), all 4 hands all over ourselves followed by a quick get your "kit off". Bj, caressing and groping later then came the fingers quickly folllowed by boring misssionary and girl on top all covered. A good punch and judy clean up wasfollowed by a warme it up chat on SW, photography and MA/PhD but stopping here not to give you headaches. Second round started with a good BJ followed by another session of girl on top. Got the shower then had some time talking about the merits of doign a PhD or not.

Good time both mentally and physically. a Tad too intense on the "dead time" with some cliches. Was not offereed anything kinky nor felt anything wawillingly proposed, maybe I did not impose myself that much :-) ... your opinion/experience will tell.
Would I go back?
Probably not.

Not sure how I will place this in the context of the Masters , I do however see the merits of taking his comment with the wear and tear of her body shape and feeling the need to post a photograph of a car.