Update ...

You may be wondering how Whoretography is progressing.  What I do when I am not having pointless spats with prohibitionists on the twitter. 

I am pleased to say that I am very much in the project production phase (no more researching for me)  and happily spend my days loitering about with InDesign and laying out these books.  I occasionally wig out about this.  Usually publically on the twitter. I am prone to the odd episode of Masters rage and despair.

I am conflicted as to whether I should make e versions of the books. I have concerns about this. Mainly about creative control over the content once published but also about privacy issues and people appropriating the content for anti sex work propaganda, who knows? Perhaps I am over thinking this.

Never under estimate the work that goes into designing and compiling photobooks.  The key is to print out dummy books, spreads and photos until it feels like a book.   It is the reason why I now spend every Tuesday taking undergraduate modules in the history of photobooks and book binding and design.

I spent about 12 months collecting content for the books, mainly photographs through cyber anthropology and lets be honest, google alerts and the twitter.  I collected over 7000 images.  I still need to email a few people to get their thoughts (I promise to action this sometime this week) but I am fairly sure I have enough content to last a life time, do keep sending images in though, sending me links to articles as I can always use them on the website. 

I am updating my biography page so you know a bit about my back ground, its a work in progress. I will also get back to updating my reading list.

I should say there are 3 components to the Masters program that I am undertaking. Its a practise based post graduate degree not a research degree. I have to undertake course work which is due at various intervals through out the Masters, a photography project, which is this website and the books  and a 15,000 word dissertation.