You know you are doing something right ....

when a prohibitionist attacks you on Twitter and then her hoard of prohibitionists followers take this attack off twitter into your emails and comments section. Apparently the word scumbag is a call to arms for the prohibitionists. Who knew that?  Keep in classy ladies.

I take threats against my safety seriously, and this morning the email death threats will be reported to the police.  You women are a shameful embarrassment to the cause of women's rights. No better than the violent men you claim to want to protect sex workers from. I will always have the backs of sex workers, sorry if that offenders your inability to fathom choice.

I don't give up that easily. 

I am committed to the visual cause, more so than ever.  Roll on Whoretography!  Especially when so many of them seemed to be confused about the name. If only they could read. Its all here, on the website.

My mother taught me to never throw the first punch but to always throw the last. That, Rachel is the real  privilege of growing up raised by a single woman on state welfare. You learn to be tough.  Prohibitionists should check their own privilege more often.

The war against sex workers, their bodies and their autonomy is a filthy war, and if women know anything its  how to fight dirty. Attack the person not the cause arcs back to the days of school yard bullies and cat fighting.  Its the academic equivalent of calling me fat. Women's biggest problem in the battle for equality is not men, its women doing the work of misogyny for them.

Unfortunately for the prohibitionists,  I see Whoretography as a photographic movement to end stigma and violence against sex workers. Its my way of using my understanding of sex work and photographic theory to ensure equality for ALL genders working in sex work.  One poorly constructed insult from Rachel Moran is hardly a show stopper.  Its a quote for one of the books. Thanks.

Not one person who attacked me over the weekend mentioned photography once, completely ignored it.  Not one of them had the mental capacity to challenge me on what the MA is actually all about, which is the role photography plays in the transaction of sex online. 

Whoretography is ALL about the photography.

Lets be brutally honest about her out of nowhere attack on me on Saturday,  its a challenge. Bring on the academic rumble I say, I'm in!

and oh, if you are curious about what I tweeted that she took offence to, it was this. 

She has inspired me, and for that I am grateful.

In the spirit of how people use photography to deny rights to sex workers I thought it would be fitting to discuss how Rachel uses photography to push the prohibitionist cause.  The morphing of fashion imagery with the subtext of child sexualisation is hardly new (see below for the cover of her book) and it is of interest to Whoretography.  

Many people (me included) critique the fashion industry for appropriating sex worker imagery to sell sex to the square population but I thought it apt, in an upcoming post to discuss how prohibitionists appropriate fashion imagery to sell morality, child sexual abuse and deny rights to sex workers. 

Anti sex work and child abuse stories are always more palatable when sold with glamour imagery.