Books so far ....

I wanted to say thank you to the people who have purchased books and boxsets since I made the shop live on Tuesday. So here it is THANK YOU! Also,  I'd like to say thanks to the sex workers and clients who have contributed content. I will keep saying thank you, regardless of how much it annoys Rachel Moran.  Its been a long process and its about to be realised in books.  A special thanks to those kind souls who have offered words of support and encouragement.  Visual activism for sex workers is at the heart of Whoretography as are social media platforms and I am grateful for my little support group on the Twitter.

I am selling pre orders or advance copies of the books as a way to crowd fund Whoretography.   I say this will all honesty, I am genuinely moved by the support of sex worker allies from across the globe. 

There are a few things that need to be streamlined and improved .....

  1. I need to streamline the checkout process a bit and make it easier to return to shopping from the cart.
  2. I will be adding the book covers and preview pages so you get a better idea of what you are buying.
  3. I need to add to the website the amount of money raised for Ugly Mugs through the sale of the books. Not sure how to do this but need a running total of sorts. 
  4. Contemplating the idea of e-books but I am morally conflicted about this.  I kid you not. Its a real mind bender for me.
  5. I will be adding a book about the Bob List in an e-book form.  I have no moral confliction about Bob.  Its time to publish the Bob List in the name of art of course.

Any other suggestions are welcome.