Funding + Visual Activism

Its the curse of this project. 

The curse of any photographic art based project. For like sex work, many believe if you enjoy photography then you should give it away for free. Why do it for money?  To that I say.  Piss off and be silent!  Fucking idiots.

Now is not the time to discuss consent, enjoyment and the nightmare it must be to have a prohibitionist mind in the age of bodily autonomy and self determination.

Money. Its a daily struggle.

A struggle behind some of my most memorable twitter rants. Finding the money to turn this Whoretography caper into what I imagine it to be . A visual movement.   Photography as an agent for change.  A photographic movement in the fight for the human and labour rights of sex workers. A platform to call bullshit on the continued imprisonment of sex workers in a false visual cycle of oppression and hate.  Something, the salvation army has come to harness to the detriment of sex workers.  More about those uncharitable bastards later.

Right now this project is funded by donations. Very kind and much needed donations and through advance book sales.  It is also self funded but regrettably I can't keeping moving money around to help me channel this visual rage against oppression (and lets be honest, against blatant stupidity) into a worthy cause.

It's a fine balance between finding the money to pay for a self funded Masters Degree and potentially a PhD and the idea of calling it quits.   The books are almost finished, and I will be selling the polaroids from my polaroid project (more details to follow) and I am trying to hustle for grants and funding without appeasing to the 'oh lets rescue a whore narrative' that seems to mandatory when it comes to being awarded sex work (ohh sorry, the prostituted) project funding. 

If anyone has any ideas about how/where I can tap into funding sources, then please comment or ping me a DM or email.