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Modern Whore


The photographs that get the strongest negative reaction are the images of Andrea posing as “Carrie Kardashian” with a bukake cum facial subbing in for pig’s blood. The photos are based on the infamous prom queen crowning scene from Carrie but with Andrea in Kim Kardashian-esque styling, and since they accompany a story called “Holy Ho,” it felt appropriate to replace the bucket of blood that’s dumped on Carrie by her haters with semen instead. The shots represent the shame and stigma that society dumps on sex workers. The image is polarizing. The reactions we’ve received range from repulsion, to laughter, to an appreciation for the aesthetic beauty of the photograph. What I also find interesting about the cum-whore facial shots is how subversive and sexually charged they are while containing no actual nudity. It’s just Andrea’s face. And, in a broader sense, it’s Andrea showing her face that’s one of the most provocative components of the photography, because of how vulnerable it is to be out and visible as a sex worker.