About ...

I am a Commercial Photographer and Creative Director of the Whoretography Project. I hold a B.Sc (biological science) from La Trobe University, a post-graduate diploma in criminology from Melbourne University, a Masters Degree in Photography and Creative Media Arts (Distinction, First Class Thesis) from LSBU and I am currently undertaking a PhD in Photography. I am interested in the way marginalised communities use photography in online spaces as a tool for visual activism and political change. I have extensive experience in self-publishing, photo books and zines both as a creative practice through and creative practice as research.  Further to this, I have interests in contemporary photography with an emphasis on theories of the author as editor and exploring issues related to politics, sexuality, surveillance and identity that are part of contemporary online photography.

Driving my doctoral research, developed through my own career as a documentary photographer, and my lived experience as an artist is the wider implications for the way other stigmatised groups exist online. It is hoped that those labelled as marginalised can harness the power of visual self-depiction as a tool for visual activism, by challenging prevailing ideologies of stigma, to act as catalysts for political change and exist online free of hostility, stigma and shame.

The Name:

Whoretography.  It's brutal, right? I am sure it seems counter intuitive to use the word Whore in light of my expectations about the use of appropriate language surrounding sex work.   I am mindful that it is viewed just as a smart play on words. An advertising slogan for commercial purposes.  It started out as just the name of a photo-book but  now is a public declaration of sorts against the linguistically disproportionate language used to label women who work in the sex industry and the role photography plays in the online sale of sex.

The Whoretography Project:

*A safe space on the internet to discuss sex worker imagery free of hostility, stigma and shame.

*The whoretography review of sex work photo books and projects with an emphasis on challenging hegemonic photographic representations of sex industry participants in the media and arts.

*A list of sex work arts-based research projects that use photovoice, participatory photography, photographic essay or photo-elicitation to study sex work communities.

*A living document detailing global photographic projects that depict a vast array of experiences within the sex industry.

*A reflexive and reflective blog documenting my doctoral research.

*A platform to promote the photographic work of current or former sex working photographers and visual artists.

*A best practice photographers guide for current sex workers that promote safe, professional and ethical photographers.

*The publication of a magazine dedicated to the discussion of contemporary and historical aspects of the visuals of sex work.

* A publishing house dedicated to the publication and promotion of Whoretography books.

*The design, print and promotion of sex worker zines and photo books.

*A bookshop of second photobooks, zines and photographic magazines the sale of which will help fund the Whoretography project.

*A program and workshop that enables individuals exiting sex work to develop the skills required to pursue a photographic career in creative media arts.