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Update ...

thought I would give you an update of the Whoretography going ons.

I got accepted into a PhD at a central London based university, my research will be a continuation of the Whoretography project,  I will post further details once I have completed all the required paperwork and whatnot, I am due to commence in January 2018. 

Whilst here, in Australia I will be starting work on an academic book - I am designing the cover and will be working with someone who has a very personal connection with sex work.  I will be flitting between Melbourne and Adelaide to get this done. 

I have been invited to speak at the Stigma, Discrimination and Sex Worker's Rights conference in Wellington on the 22nd of February.  Details to follow, if you are in New Zealand, you are more than welcome to attend, it's a free event.

I need to thank the person who donated a Lenovo laptop, it was a massive help for my PhD interview, THANK YOU! and the person who sent me scanner after I mentioned I found some vintage transparencies of sex work, THANK YOU!  Also, thank you to the peeps who have donated via GoFundMe and Patreon. 

I have added a rejections page to the Whoretography website to highlight all the mainstream places the Whoretography project has been rejected from in my quest for funding.

I am being interviewed by a journalist for an online art and photography publication, this is a wonderful opportunity to take Whoretography out of the sex work and academic community and kick it mainstream.

and on a personal note, I forgot to mention in this blog post that I am archiving and digitising my Dad's photographs, negatives and transparencies from his service Malaya & Vietnam 1963 - 1968 and this includes vintage photographs of Honk Kong.  There are 1000s of photographs and I hope to have this finished within 3 months. 

Come with me and join the creative resistance in the fight for rights.

Hey All!

I am taking a bit of a break from social media for the coming weeks.  I envision it to be six weeks, but we will see how long I can go for without engaging in sarcastic Twitter banter. I can give up sex and cocaine, affairs with handsome bourgeois married men of Battersea but I am not sure if I can give up the Twitter, even for a brief time. We will see.  I will occasionally be tweeting from the wonderment that is TweetDeck about the books and magazines.  Sorry, I feel dirty saying this, but I need to schedule my tweets in advance, the Twitter equivalent of faking perhaps.    I apologise for my lack of spontaneous tweeting. I apologise for the lack of sarcasm in the coming weeks.  I am sure it will come back with a vengeance and a hefty dose of wit, honesty and sarcasm come May.

Whoretography has morphed into something more than what I could have ever imagined it to be.  It has gone from an off the cuff (I should say off the pillow) remark post fucking Steve McQueen when it dawned on me that I wanted to photograph him naked. Photograph us naked together.  Somewhere between realising I was in the business of a photographic conspiracy in which my camera was acting as an agent for the falsehood of couple cohesion and intimacy, and the idea of documenting paid-for sexual intimacy (okay, mainly with a married Steve McQueen) as the antidote to the visual falsehoods of wedding photography.  I remember it like it was yesterday but it was not, it was sometime in 2014.  I quipped that he could call me the Whoretographer and three years later, here we are today.

It is now the reason I have to take a break from social media for about six weeks.  There are many things I need to accomplish;

  • Finish writing my dissertation (crikey!)
  • Finishing the books for the MA (double crikey!)
  • Compiling the box sets and orders to send them out.
  • Arranging a Whoretography Exhibition
  • Re launching the bookshop
  • Redesign of the website to move it from a creative practice asresearch platform to a commercial self-funding visual activist and book publishing platform.
  • Applying for PhDs
  • The never ending quest to find funding.

I still very much need your help and support, and you can be a champion of Whoretography in many ways.  Come with me and join the creative resistance in the fight for sex workers' rights.

You can be a part of the creative resistance by;

  1. Following Whoretography on the Twitter ( find us on facebook too!)
  2. Buy a magazine, a PDF, an e-book or physical book.  Everything is printed in-house (or via blurb) and is sex work positive.
  3. Comment on blog posts, retweet where you can.
  4. Donate if you wish by way of gofundme, bank transfer or Bitcoin.
  5. Submit content and send me examples of where the media betrays sex workers by the visual rhetoric they circulate.
  6. Send me suggestions for books to review for the Sex Worker Review of Books.
  7. and anything else you can think of!

Thanks for reading me and many thanks!

Vape I say ...

I don't normally do this, talk about non sex work, non photography stuff on the blog but I wanted to give a shout-out to a friend of mine who has been a massive supporter of Whoretography since before, well before Whoretography was just a random post fucking idea I had whilst staring at a naked sweaty Steve McQueen.

As a freelance photographer, I know running a small online business can be a ball buster, so I wanted to give a shout out to my friend who has launched an on-line Vap Store and to be honest, I am not sure what goes better with fucking than smoking (okay, vaping)

Please follow him on the Twitter @OnlineVapeStore and visit his store here   If you want more information just email him ... 

and in the spirit of changing the visual landscape one awesome photograph at a time, be sure to enter competition via the Twitter  Who sends in the greatest picture of vaping in London #theonlinevapestore #londonvapers. The winner will receive a great selection of random prizes from our store to enjoy.

Many thanks, go forth and Vape peeps.