Foto Femme United

An art-based rebellion. A creative resistance. A political fuck you to the art establishment @adeline_whitney

You may have heard me say this before - if you change the visual landscape of sex work then the political landscape will change by default. Simple. If only making it so was as easy as saying it out loud. Laura Mulvey wrote about the male gaze and more recently, feminist art culture platforms like Foto Femme United are championing the female gaze through intersectional feminist art platforms. As sex workers, we need to go one step further. One step that not only champions and celebrates sex worker authored representations and presentations across all art disciplines (from photography to poetry) but one that must push back on the crushing suffocating weight that comes with being set in a concrete visual narrative played out daily in the media and cinemascapes. A voyeuristic gaze that hardens and contorts our bodies into a binary narrative of the unrepentant harlot upholding the structures of patriarchy or as the hapless and deviant pitiful victim of circumstance. This narrow visual portrayal of male oppression reproduces a politics of pity and has resulted in a hegemonic visual representation that encourages the sense that the only way of interpreting our lives is to see us as ripe for ‘rescue’

Adeline Berry - you can find her on the twitter @adeline_whitney is in the throes of establishing an international sex worker art community. Revolutionary. An art-based rebellion. A creative resistance. A political fuck you to the art establishment and history that is obsessed with our otherness. An uprising to the democratising of art and to reclaim it from the bourgeoisie and use it as a means of expression and therapy to help us through these dark SESTA/FOSTA/Nordic Model times.

These platforms are the protest, the art is the protest. The protest is in its making, circulation and viewing. Reshaping, re-imagining, re-defining art landscapes with the aim of reshaping political and social landscapes. We can do this through sex worker led art based platforms were we can force an evolution in the art ecology and break free of oppressive representations.

The censorship of online sex culture and the eviction of sex workers from the open internet necessitate Adeline's vision and platform.

If you are a sex worker and interested in having your art displayed on an Instagram page created for this purpose with or without a link to you, please contact Adeline.

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