Commerical Photographers List

 I have decided to create a commercial photographer section to the Whoretography website to help navigate the internet in finding a trustworthy sex worker friendly photographer.  This section will include;

  1. A list of sex worker recommended photographers by country/county/state, I will only accept sex worker referred photographers. No self referrals, photographers need to earn a place on the photographers list.
  2. A list of photographers to avoid based on intel received from sex workers and that includes photographers who operate perfectly respectable business on the surface but pack a hefty dose of whorephobia into their camera bags.
  3. Blog posts about copyright and other issues when it comes to booking photographers
  4. Blog posts from sex workers regarding their experiences with creating their visual marketing.

If you want anything else added, then just hell out.  This is very much a work in progress and I am doing this out of pure rage at the stories I have been told re Insuh Yoon and photography is my thing, so this is my way of giving back to the sex worker community and well, fuck that arsehole!

Add Recommended Sex Work Photographers

Here you will find the details of photographers who shoot commercial visual (image and film) content for sex workers. Whilst I am a photographer myself, I do not currently offer photographic services to sex workers.  The photographers on this list have been recommended by sex workers, I need at least 3 positive recommendations before I will add a photographer to the list, please note that I will not list photographers who self recommend or sex work clients who have decided that the are emerging photographers. 

To recommend a photographer, please provide the following information:

Photographers Business Name

Photographers Name

Photographers Gender

Photographers Website

Email Address

Telephone number (if applicable)

Twitter Handle



A few words about your experience with this photographer, not just about the quality of the photos but the quality of the overall experience

You can let me know this information via DM on the twitter @Whoretographer or by way of email, please use for now.