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I am undertaking doctoral research that is providing a critical analysis of the way full-service sex workers use photographic self-representation in online spaces.

Doctoral Research

To civilians situated outside of the Institute of sex work, the posting of visual content by sex workers on social media platforms may appear to simply be the posting of pornographic content in order to attract male buyers of sex, the danger in categorising the photographs of sex workers posted online as nothing more than sexually explicit marketing content is that it leads to the misunderstanding of complex intentions as to why full-service sex workers post self-portraits and portraits online rendering sex workers vulnerable to online censorship and persecution by those who seek to deny sex workers the right to participate in online visual platforms.

The visual stereotyping through art, media and cinema acts as a blindfold that enables people to forget that sex workers are individual human beings like everyone else. Through my research,  I wish to provide an alternative visual discourse that challenges that response to the visual landscape of sex work that sees sex workers as ripe for ‘rescue’.

I am looking for sex workers with current or past lived experience of full service sex work who would like to participate in my research endeavour, Whoretography: Sex Workers as Image-Makers. There are many ways to be involved, from being interviewed to submitting photographs or just putting into words the way you use photography.

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Read the research website: - please note that this site is password protected, for the password please contact me. It is due to go live at the end of June.

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