Paradigm Visuals

Regrettably due to recent personal circumstances I will no longer be speaking at this event.

I have been asked to give an informal talk at the Paradigm Visuals Event to be held at London South Bank University.  This is very much an event for undergraduate students to show case their work and and its an honour to be invited to speak at an event curated and organised by a group of talented photography undergraduate students. 

Paradigm Visuals is an undergraduate student-led photographic research programme with a focus on photography, exhibiting and publishing based at the School of Creative Arts, London South Bank University, UK.

From May 23rd – 27th Paradigm Visuals occupies a pop-up photobook space. The group undertook a 12 weeks research project exploring self-publishing as a means of approaching photography in the materiality of the book. 

Please go to their individual websites, and pay attention to their work.  You can find links to their websites on the Artists Talks page.

Photography & Book by Amy Warwick -

Photography & Book by Amy Warwick -

You can register for the event here

I will be speaking on the subject of browsing and walking as photobook research methods and will discuss my belief that its imperative that photobook research material be included to form part of the final body of work.

Regrettably due to come recent personal circumstances ( just see my twitter feed if you are curious)  I will not be selling the books at the bookshop but will have sample copies available for viewing and discussing.