The Photographic Theorist ...

So, if you have been following my website for the last few years, you will start to notice some changes in the coming months, I will still be working on Whoretography, the focal point of my PhD but have decided to expand the website to include discussions about photography and photographic theory that fall out of the realm of my PhD studies. I should be clear, this is not going to be a website that teaches you how to be a photographer, give you advice on what camera to use or practice tips to make you a better weekend or professional photographer, it's about the photo and of course film theory that underpins everyday photography that shapes our daily lives. The why behind photography. It will involve discussion about the histories of various genres of photography, critique of photographic practices, discussions about photo-shop, wedding photography, the authenticity of the selfie, the image defined and so much more and really has been borne out of my life photographic that began as a two year old and knowing my father through photographs and not memories. There is a new title, The Photographic Theorist, and that my friends in me. There is a new website , the old website address still works but will be phased out and the website will eventually be published in English and French. My 12 year old nephew asked what I was going to be a Doctor in and I said photography, so he responded with you will be a photographist and that ladies and gents is the best description ever of what being a subject matter expert in photography is called.

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