Going Ons ....

Just a quick up date to let you all know what I am working on:

  1. I survived the first 12 months of my PhD - winning already!

  2. Working on a book chapter to be published in 2020 with a European publisher on feminism and photography.

  3. Working on a book to be published with a European publisher on a date to be advised.

  4. Working on version two of the Whoretography Magazine

  5. Organising and Partaking in an artist saloon as part of a central London exhibition in March - details to follow

  6. Also out in March is a article in a new art journal called Hyphen, the article is about visibility, connectivity and men who buy sex.

  7. Getting back to self publishing my own works not only from the Masters Degree but new works on surveillance and men who pay for sex.

  8. and yes, totes forgot! Changed the name and direction of this website.

  9. Also turned Instagram into an art space.

Will keep you all updated on a regular basis.

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