What is Whoretography?

Whoretography is my doctoral research project that is a critical analysis of the way contemporary online full service sex workers use self representation in online spaces, sex workers as image-makers.

What is the Photographic Theorist?

The Photographic Theorist is a photography blog that issues related to sex work, wedding photography, photography, photographic theory, visual culture, visual studies, politics, sexuality, violence, feminism, surveillance, censorship and identity. It’s a photography blog, shop, commercial wedding photography hub on the internet.

About you?

I am a published, award winning commercial and wedding photographer, always retiring full service sex worker and a photography theorist and academic masquerading for now as a doctoral researcher hoping to become a doctor in photography.

What can I buy from your site?

You can buy photographic books that centre around photographic theory, sex work and wedding photography, you can buy books based on my lived experience of sex work and about sex buyers, you can also buy the Whroretogaphy magazine which is about sex work + photography plus PDFs and talks.

Can I follow you on Twitter?

You can but please note, it is valued at £25 to access my twitter feed as I use this to fund my doctoral research. It’s a space on the internet when I discuss things all photographic.

What photographic gear do you use?

A combination of Nikon digital cameras, plus polaroid and film cameras.

What is your wedding photography style?

Offbeat, quirky and alternative. Unscripted and non traditional. I refuse to follow expectations of wedding photography visual scripts, so, what does that mean for you? No lists, no standing around, a mish mash of documentary and artistic feminist wedding photography for non conforming couples.