Photography Commissions

In addition to be a doctoral researcher in photography, I do accept a limited number of photography commissions per year, my work can only be described as different so if you are after a photographer who produces truly original work then please do get in touch. My prices reflect my experience as a published and award winning photographer and the university qualifications that I hold in photography. I offer a completely bespoke service that requires me to creative a personalised individual creative photographic brief for each client depending on your wants and needs, I do not shoot to a script.

Food photography: I accept a number of food photography commissions per year. Valued at £1000 per day, if you are requiring food photography for a publication such as a cook book, then please get in touch for a personalised quote.

Wedding photography: I can accepted a limited number of wedding photography commissions per year, and my wedding photography is valued at £3000-4000 per day, please e-mail for details. My prices reflect the fact that I create bespoke, off-beat, avant-garde wedding photography for couples wanting something truly different from typical wedding photography. I am highly skilled at photographing multi day international weddings.

Portfolio Advice: If you'd like a professional review of your photographic portfolio then please do get in touch, reviews involve a detailed critical analysis of your work including areas for improvement and your strengths. Conducted online and includes a Skype feedback session. Valued at £150

Photography mentoring & Academic Advice: I offer photography and academic mentorship/tutoring to students and those interested in pursuing a career in photography. This is particularly beneficial for students of all ages wishing to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate photography courses or for those who want to know about the practice, craft and theory of photography. Mentoring is an affordable £500 per month with a minimum 3 month commitment. You are invited to contact me for more information.

Photography Consultation: If you’d like a photography consultation for your wedding, business, just for yourself or for any service listed above (except for the portfolio advice) then please do ask, a photography consultation is valued at £250 and is deductible from the price of your booking.

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